St Andrew's Presbyterian Church of Scotland

St Andrew's Presbyterian Church of Scotland

Via XX Settembre, 7 — 00187 Rome

Who We Are


Currently vacant.  During the vacancy period, our Interim Moderator is Rev Aaron C. Stevens and worship is led by different locum ministers, local guest preachers and other leaders, including from within our own congregation.

Office bearers

Mr Kingsley Amoako

Mr Ebenezer Arjarquah

Ms Florence Dowuona

Ms Fiona Kendall

Mrs Mihwa Kim

Ms Patrizia Ponsicchi

Mr John McGhie

Ms Yuaniter Okumu

Mrs Alison Sabetti

Mr Mark Shalaby

Ms Inge Weustink


The church has a choir with Mihee Kim, our musician, as choir director.  Choir practice is usually every Sunday before the service, from 10.30 am onwards and anybody interested in joining will be made most welcome.  Due to current health measures, however, the choir is not meeting and our sung worship is led by Mihee and a single cantor.